Hot Work in Fry Pan Gulch
Honey Beaulieu - Man Hunter, Book 1
by Jacquie Rogers

Hot Work in Fry Pan Gulch (Honey Beaulieu - Man Hunter, Book 1)
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"Wouldn't it be cool if you had the first issue of Janet Evanovich's first Stephanie Plum novel? This is like that; Jacquie Rogers first Honey Beaulieu novel, Hot Work In Fry Pan Gulch is here, and you'd do yourself wrong to not snag yourself a copy." John Klawitter, author of Hollywood Havoc, EPIC Award Best Thriller Novel 2009

Gritty! Funny! It's Honey Beaulieu!

She's bold
Honey Beaulieu grew up in her mama's whorehouse, the Tasty Chicken, which serves up the finest food, whiskey, and women in Wyoming Territory, but Honey takes after her crack shot Pa--and she doesn't back down from anyone or any thing.

She's brash
Determined not to make her living on her back, Honey does her best to keep the peace in Fry Pan Gulch, but a deputy's salary won't buy her a home. Once she's adopted by a donkey and then a pickle-eating mule, she sets out to collect a bounty on one of the town's scoundrels.

She's got brass
The owlhoot leads her on a dangerous chase. Can Honey persevere despite a wise-cracking ghost who manages to disappear when she needs him, and a handsome U.S. deputy marshal who doesn’t seem at all put off that she's so scrawny?

Don't miss this rollicking ride into the Old West - get your copy of Hot Work in Fry Pan Gulch today!

"A rough and rowdy, Old West tale of shoot 'em up fun and laughs! Watch out outlaws, there's a new Bounty Hunter in town and Honey Beaulieu is a crack shot. Hot Work in Fry Pan Gulch is like Annie Oakley meets The Quick and the Dead." Ann Charles, USA Today Bestselling Author of the Award-winning Deadwood Mystery Series

"Loved the first story in this new series. It's a fact that nothing is sweeter than Honey. She'll seize your interest while she captures her prey—you'll root for her on every page. I can't wait for the next book!" Caroline Clemmons, author of the Stone Mountain series and many more

"Fans of Rogers' Western Historical Romances may recognize Honey Beaulieu as the heroine of the Dime Novels eagerly devoured by her Hearts of Owyhee heroines. This is the real Honey, living in the unvarnished West, and filtered through Rogers' unique sense of humor. Reading a book this much fun is downright illegal!" Judith Laik, author of The Unsuitable Bride series

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